March 6-7-8, 2020

Community Center de Ronde, Eindhoven


For the eleventh time fraternity GEPWNAGE organises a LAN-party for the members of GEWIS. This weekend full of laughter and sleep deprivation is one you don't want to miss out on!

More Than Just Computer Games

Yes that's right, you thought it was just people shouting at computer screens, but screaming in someone's face directly is fun too. We have board games, consoles, beer and soda, and other (non-digital) stuff for your entertainment.

No Need For Ginormous Computers

Did you know that your TU/e laptop doubles as a high-end gaming system? Half of the participants does not bring their massive computer to the LAN, they just use their laptop. Showcasing your amazing computer builds is not prohibited, though.

Socially Interactive Competitions

It is possible to survive the weekend without saying a word to anyone. However, to encourage social awkwardness interaction, multiple competitions will be held during the weekend. Can you handle a crowd watching your gameplay live?